Back to the Gym After a Long Break

Back to the Gym After a Long Break

August 12, 2018

It was time to go back to the gym after a long break and I mean I've never been to the gym. I remember looking at myself in the mirror in August of 2016 and thinking how did I get here. How did I get to where I weighed almost what I weighed when I was pregnant with my kids. How did it happen? Years of neglect is how it happened. Eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Eating lots of fast food. At about age 30 my metabolism took a dive so while I kept eating what I wanted I started to gain weight. By the time I was 37 and looked in the mirror I knew something had to change. And it had to change that day, not Monday, not next week, not after I finished the candy in the pantry but that day.

Was anyone else like me? You would keep telling yourself you would start the next diet next week or on Monday? I knew a diet wasn't going to cut it and what I needed was a lifestyle change.

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That day I quit fast food cold turkey. For almost 10 years I had eaten some kind of fast food EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch. Every day. It's now been 3 years and I still haven't had fast food for lunch. That was my first really big hurdle. My second was that I knew I needed to join a gym. SCARY! I joined our local community center that has a gym and offers classes like spin, yoga and weight lifting. I started by walking for 1 hour daily on the treadmill. Between changing my eating and walking for 1 hour daily I lost 35 pounds in 3 months. Since then I have embraced a love of the gym and now do spin class, weight lifting and I am running my very first half marathon in November! I'm super excited and also worried that I can't do it. I mean how many days do we get to run 13.1 miles? Apparently only 1 day and worse still you only get 3 1/2 hours to do it!back to the gym after a long break

So what are some ways to get yourself back to the gym after a long break?

  • Find a gym that makes you feel comfortable!

    • This is so important! When you are scouting out gyms check them out during the time you would actually be going there. The first gym I joined I checked out in the afternoon because that was when I had time that day. However, I was only going to be working out in the morning so when I went back in the morning I was in for a huge surprise. That is when all the college football players also went to the gym and had over run the equipment and were pumping iron. Not exactly what my frumpy, overweight self was looking for in a gym. I ended up joining our local community center which was filled with other mom's working out while there kids were in school. So bingo! This was my tribe and this was my place. I've made some amazing friendships here!
  • Go for a walk!

    • Maybe you can't afford a fancy gym membership. In my opinion the best exercise for weight loss is simply walking. You can do this for free around your neighborhood and you can enlist a friend to chat with and it makes that walk go by even quicker! There are tons of work out ideas on Pinterest that you can do from home as well. You can check out my Pinterest fitness board here for ideas.
  • Make yourself a priority!

    • How often have you started something and then given up? You are more important than that! What if you promised yourself to live a healthier lifestyle and you didn't quit on yourself? Dedicate a chunk of time to yourself and don't give it up for anything. You can do this.back to the gym after a long break
  • When you go to the gym start from the beginning.

    • Train like you have never worked out before and then slowly work up from there. You will progress quickly but it's best to start slow so you don't injure yourself.
  • Set Realistic Goals

    • We didn't get to the shape we were in overnight which means it's going to take several months to start seeing changes. Just be consistent!back to the gym after a long break
  • What do you like!?

    • If you hate to run don't do it! Find the exercises that you enjoy so that you look forward to going daily. When I first starting going I only walked. Then I added in Yoga. Next I added in Spin. After that I added in Weight training classes. It took me about 6 months to a year to gradually add in other classes and learn what I love and that will get me to want to go to the gym daily.back to the gym after a long break
  • Make Friends!

    • When I first started going to the gym I kept my ear buds in and didn't talk to anyone. However, once I started adding in classes and getting to know the other ladies there I really looked forward to seeing them daily and a few have become some of my very best friends!
  • Make sure your food choices align with your fitness goals.

    • It's been said often that weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. I agree completely with this statement. I can run 5 miles and then go out for a burger and milkshake and see my weight fluctuate up 1-2 pounds. It is a system and it needs to work together. Diet and fitness and tied together and you need both.

Getting back to a healthy lifestyle is the very best thing you can do for yourself! I know for me it makes me a better mom and wife because I feel better about myself and for me going to the gym daily gives me energy and motivation to do what I need to do at home.

If I can ever help you or answer any questions you can contact me here.

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